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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Feeling Like A Piece of Meat

These days i do feel like a pond of meat in the market. Everyone says to have a claim on me thus give them a right how to cook me or just simple dish me out. Not a nice feeling, i can sure you. First because i don't really into meat since it gives me a lot of efforts in chewing it, then secondly because i feel like they know my life better than me, and lastly my own deterioration towards the hubbubs.

Many times in the past whenever i face this deadlock situation *though i am not thinking like that Liebe-ku* i always hope that i am purely a simple minded person with none whatsoever of inner wisdom that talks too much inside my head *just rest assure i am not a schizophrenic insyaAllah* but can a girl just wanna have fun pweeeeese?

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