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Monday, 14 May 2012

My Place

Each of us has been born with the gist of life.
Living, eating, socializing and many more can be found in it.
But somehow we manage to corrupt our souls in doing the right paths.
And like the same corners of magnet, we choose the opposan's way to take.

The world that we stand is our place,
The only field to do all the deeds in life,
Goodness or badness is only bout choice,
Though we seem to fall easily to the badness side.

I wish there is a special line to contact HIM to discuss each thing,
I wish HE opens one telephone line to get any solutions,
And I hope, just hope my place is the thing that I can be so proud of when I see HIM,
While in My place is as dirty and unkempt as any deserted place. Unwanted, un-needed, discarded regardless what I do.

Is it wrong to feel these despairs?
Is it wrong to cry my hollowness?
And is it right to sell my soul just to refurbish my place?
Is it right to feel free like them? Not thinking bout right or wrong on every step?

Allah Ya Rabb....if killing my soul is not forbidden,
I wish to be granted in killing my blackened soul,
Who always craves the answers of life without feeling the greatness in it.

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