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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Friendship, Relationship or Just Simple A Ship

Friendship is based on the words of friend and ship. In which the first one is where we cant live without while the next can be something that we never have a need of to have. Unless you are like my previous boyfriend, he cant live without a ship or a boat since it is one of his hobbies...hmmm makes me wondering what he is doing at this moment with my straying mind :p soooo come back again to my explanation before; then how come when we put those two words together we get a wonderful meaning that we cant lost it in our short span of live?

It is so simple, but it is so difficult to comprehend it. How come we need that simple word in our life? It is beyond my smartly mind and creativity *mind you i only admit my smartness when it is necessary since mostly it is idle* In our weak condition we will say that friendship is important because we need someone to be there for us, to support us, to champion us over others, to hold our hands when it is clammy full of worries, and when the hell is broken then we wont be alone in facing it.

In other words then friendship is an egoist thought we harbor for the poor souls that we call as our friends? Since none of the explanations above were telling us about what benefits we can give toward our supposed to be friends. Have you ever thought that?

In my 37 years of living and hopefuly till the last day i sign my living permit in this world, i always say to my friend, "Come to me when you need a help that you know i might be able to do it. No need to share your happiness if i dont have the right of it."

A ship sails on Werdensee - Essen NRW Germany

And having this understanding in our relationships, i am becoming an un-demanding soul that often being neglected for my needs. But at least i am needed by them when they need this lil ole me. My ears are for their stories, my mind will be given to find a solution or just to soothe their pains and most of all, my prayers will always go for those friends in my relationships though they dont have a ship to boot with. 


lets share what we know......insyaAllah it will bring You more knowledges