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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Your Love Blinds You

Many people believe that love is a bless from Allah. Well i am also those people who believe it. I even think that to love and to be loved should be put in any rules in the world, or even in the universe.

But in here, my country, something surprising comes from that beautiful feeling, love. Many people here are "blind" lol. Not the special kinds of blind, but they are blinded for any fault that their loved one do.

In the name of love a parent will sue the teacher for giving some scolds to their kid. In the name of love, a mother will not teach their children independency. In the name of love, a man will do corruptive things to heap luxurious things for his love ones. In the name of love, a granny will not allow her grandchild to walk in which will shortened the ages of our youngsters. In the name of love for life, people do any bad things for their namesakes.

Well you can argue with me, who the hell is nee, to dare oppose those high almighty people who think that they are above approach? Yes, it's true....i am nothing. But at least, when i love someone or something, i will never ever close my eyes and consciences for their mistakes. That's not love, that's hypocrecy. Love will only make people to be a better one whether they are the object or the subject of it.

So, folks....think it again, is it love that caused you to do those things? Is it not an ego, a pride, a possesive way, or just purely a way to show people that you are a loving person while infact you are a neurotic basket case one hehehehe, just like me sometime.....just some time.

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