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Friday, 21 January 2011

My Strawberry Shrubs

Here we go beibs, i am going to launch a big secret that is not supposed to be revealed. Its related to my brain, the sacred brain of nee.

But the main question will be, "Does nee have a brain at all?" ROTFLOL....

Basicaly when The Big Guy created all human kind, HE did put a lil whitey brain inside my skull. I do believe HE even asked me do i want to have a bigger memory and storage or not? In meek voice, i do remember , i said "Yes, puhleazzz."

But in the long run, after the creation process, from Heaven to this Earth, the memory and storage of the brains are shrinking and pruning ready to burst.

And after 36 years of living, my grey's cells (*Sherlock Holmes) were starting to give me a red alert that actualy i dont have a brain huwaaaa huwaaaaa. It was occupied with many monkeys played drums in a space of my brain. No wonder i get a lot of problems in life of scholars, not that i am considering myself as one of them, mind you. Seeing these facts, i said to my Baby, to trade-in my head, but since he was sooooo worry if i took a head of cat to trade-in my monkeys, he said vehemently,

"Sweetheart, dont you dare to replace your lovely head with a head of a cat! Find another thing, puhleass, just leave the head intact."

Following his suggestion, i just traded-in my monkeys with some strawberry shrubs. And do you know what? Now I can write STRAWBERRY perfectly....yipppee. And....strawberry is written with DOUBLE R beibs.

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