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Friday, 21 January 2011

From Last Night....

Yesterday was started with 2 big things that make my lil tinny winny brain ponder them a lot. Ouch....ouch i did promise you bout a story of my brain ya? Not that all of you care bout it, but i do insist since Promise Given Is Promise Taken.....sheeeesh womaaaaan, stop fidgeting to tell the story.

Well lemme start it than. Once upon a time....euuuuy wrong starter hehehehe. Seriously, please somebody cracks open my skull puhleaaaaaz to see my brainless organ LMAO.

Okay....okay....enough folks...dont get your dander up. Its never good for your blood presure or heart *wink-wink* yesterday i started my day as usual, turned on my chatting to talk with my Baby, suddenly one of my friends dropped by on my screen. At first he was greeting me with all the pleasantries, but in the end, the most horrible questions ever created;

"Why you dont get wary with your single status??? And why you dont try to find someone?"

He started to preach on me with his ways. Do not get me wrong, for me to be advised or preached bout from all kinds, ages, ethnics, or religions are very much acceptable. The only thing that tick me is the way to state the views. Are they letting it known as nice as it is or not.

But in this case, he was trashing and condemning my way.

And in the evening, i closed the day with un-answerable question, still related with my way of thinkings.

Well mayhap or definitely i dont want to repeat yesterday experience again. It left me out with bitter taste in knowing that my abilities to discuss like an adult is still not good enough. In my believe, never come in any discussion with emotion, and i am not able to do it yet. I am still learning to be a better one.

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  1. Keciiiiil...somehow my monkeys kept this comment from meeeee....well glad to know You accept the invi..believe me this is also my way to forgive myself in dealing with my hubbubs somehow. Bismillah sometime we do need to have a Genie's world to make ourself sane enough lol.


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