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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Jealousy Is So Lousy...

Honestly, i am feelin a lil bit jealous of somethin i cant control....but its not a negative feelin, since it doesnt make me into a destructive one. The feelin makes me do somethin better, like forgeting the problems and moving on with my life *denial.mode* i believe, like love, every emotion is worth it on their own way. I will have to enjoy it, as much as i glorified the love that caused me this jealousy.
Like my Love keeps on saying, "Jealousy is petty," and pettiness is not something that we hope for in life.


  1. Jealousy, like hatred; consumes much energy and has no worthwhile return. Jealousy is also perhaps the most misused word among those who call themselves lovers. In most cases, they actually mean "mistrust". If my lover and I cannot feel 100% trust in the relationship, it is better to end the relationship. If I feel that my lover is not trustworthy, I am gone from the relationship.

  2. Babe, hmmmm why when people say jealous, others will always think as a tiff between a lover. I mean come on, if to like something we can choose like, love, adore and many other words to express it, why cant we use jealous rather than envy for somethin that we cant think as a simple difference *wink* and my Baby will say, "Nee, my Love....thats not the way we speak in America."
    I am just jealous some people get everythin easily, sooooo i must use that negative auras as my rotor for my machine to be a better one Love...


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