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Thursday, 21 March 2013

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".................For myself i pray for a good moslem, healthy and well proportioned wife who'd obey me and never answer me back. Who'd clean my house, cook and perform all the other duties of a good moslem wife."

This afternoon i stumbled upon this blog where the writer wrote a simple prayer above and somehow the words tickle my curiosity and irk my conscience a lil bit. Just a tinny whinny thingy. Honestly in my opinion i always consider that a do'a or a prayer is kind of the privilege of the doer. But somehow the wordings of it is kicking my sense as a woman lol. I mean oh come on my lovelies, seriously are you willing to be taken a wife just because of those qualities? No it is never about women's lib or something like that but even in Qur'an it is stated that your spouse is not only a part of your appearance but also a part of your ribs. I know mayhap it is the problem of the linguistics thus the prayer above sound so degrading for me as a woman, but hopefuly all men are not seeing their wives or partners as a satchel or in my Javanese culture,

                                                  suwargo nunut, neroko katut.
           (In heaven a wife is only a passenger of her husband's ride, but in hell they are the partner in crime)
See how unfair it is huh? And funnily this society is still allowing women's degradation in many aspects. Even it is done by those people who bragg to know bout religions......masyaAllah subhanAllah. What a blasphemy in itself. Commiting a high crime in the name of religions -i do think habbllu minnAllah should be equal with habblu minnanass, right?

And in my efforts in seeing other people's opinion bout it, i got stumbled upon this beautiful upload, and i feel glad alhamdulillah that there are a good understanding to support my believe. So i am not blindly using my akal for something that is important as this.

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