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Saturday, 10 November 2012


Life is just a long path but a short time journey before eternity.

When we lost someone who do we call ourself?
We call ourself the mourners due to the mourning period that is bestowed upon us by the society and the norms

Drabbing ourself in black, white or any color that represents the lost we are numb
A numbness that should be asked again about the originality

As the mourners we mingle with the atmosphere and nuance to deal with the emptiness inside
Those feelings intertwine with other visitors' emotion create a colossal drama for each demise

But do you realize that the burial is not for the mourners

The burial is not the place for them to show their lost

The burial is not a stage for them to overboard others' lost or sadness just to show other people how lost they are over the demise

No, it is not even closely, since it is for him.....who lost his chance to say goodbye to all of you before his last breath....
It is for 'see' all of you before he is 5' under the ground
Remember him for his good deeds and pray for his eternity's journey

Note - I put this poem in wattpad few months ago and it seems tonight it is a good reminder for my lost of someone so "bright" in her short span of life in this world. Rest in peace Fifi may Allah bless you the best place there amen. Inna illahi wa inna illaihi roji'un

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