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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Kali Yuga

The world is made of misunderstandings
All unawares, one man betrays his friend
The latter plots revenge
Neither understands the other's language -
No wonder the world is falling apart.

Born in the fetters of the last days
Absurdity pursues us to the grave
I never understood much of this world -
Why? Because there is nothing to understand.

O man of the last days, be of a tranquil mind
The time of the Kali-Yuga has its good side
Assuredly, troubles will last for a while -
But God has made easy the way to salvation.

Note : 
and it has been given by Raminku on his letter.
I heard the word of Kali Yuga for the 1st time when i taught a Hindustan lady, Ibu Endah. She taught me a lot bout her belief that i feel floored up to now, how come a smart and wise lady like her feels that sometimes she is nothing subhanallah....subhanallah....while for nee, i feel amazed till now and that the road, source and from where the iqro we will never know. 

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