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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Have you ever felt a numbness that is seeping in from your toes go to your brain? You saw those "lil white soldiers" march on your veins to capture the whole of us. There is no more nee. Only a carcass that is left there to be dump like a dummy.

But i am not a dummy though somehow i do feel like a dumb. Since only a dumb get the same problem again and again.

Should i be angry with my self over it? Yes i will, but not now. Not when i feel so helpless and numb.

But i will, i will snap out of this limbo state. I need to grab for my sanity back.

If people out there just look for differences while you look for the beauty of those differences, you are not a freak, nee. It doesnt mean you are a pathetic romantic one also. Its not. It is just you. Be brave my love, for others are not as worth as my love toward you.

Its not the time to crumble now, March is coming. You need all your strength to move on, for that day.

Without them, you still have me, nee.

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