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Friday, 24 December 2010

Just Dont Leave Nee, Puhleazzzz!

To be left is something that i all kind of relationships, i always start it with trepidations of being left alone. In Runaway's Bride - Julia Roberts, is having the same problem whenever she has romantic's entailments, but for me, its done for all kind of relationships. Those thinkings are blocking my prayers since i do believe that actualy good results are the manifest of good prayers in which its also the influence of positive thinkings. So no wonder i am still alone though never lonely, thanks God.
But since we are talking bout me myself, i wont rip and trash myself sooooo deep lol. Because i do believe that everything is happening for a good cause. And those people that i left behind actualy are not mine to be owned for whatever is the purpose. Though sometimes i just hope that someday, one day, i am strong enough in saying my commitments and believe enough with them.
So, in almost all paces of my live, i do pray to The Big Guy, "Just lemme find their faults before they leave me when they find out they cant be with me in the future. For it will shatter me into pieces." and since no one is without left me with a bitter taste somehow.

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