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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

We Are Different Due To A Good Reason

Today once again my Rabb showed me how to see the beauty in disguise though at this moment, believe me, i still cant find the beauty of it *cackling evilly*.
In an open forum like a meeting where we can see each character of the people, we will be able to see the differences between those people including myself. Its like seeing a drama rolls on the stage in front of me. A drama without a script, a director, and those clutters in a production.
Within an open and free stage where all the players and audiences have equal powers in deciding how to lead the story to the end. The meeting is being held formally for the beginning 5-10 minutes. But since its a production, a drama, after sometime the real players will start to show their true scripts, the scripts that all of us human kind have since the day we are born.
No wonder in those time we will be able to see those people start to play their roles. There will be a jester, a trouble maker, a rebellion, a double-faced, and many other characters that even we will not realize their occurrence until we stumble upon them in our path.
Those creepy scripts that will be represented by some characters that all of us might not realize them to be exist, might be something that others cant accept, but those scripts or characters are needed to equalize this lovely world.
Come back to my little drama, i see how a character tries belittling others even before there is something to be belittled about. While other character tries to stay ignorance till the drama is closed. In the corner there is a character that its job is to oppose all things. In the other corner a character is dividing people's attentions. The characters in my drama are so colorful but believe me, live is never so dull with those characters.
Those characters give edgy feeling in my life. Just like having a cold ice tea. I bet it will be better taste if you put some dollops of lime on it. Just to give a tangy taste. Those are the jobs of my colorful characters, give a bitter and tangy taste in my life. They really are different due to a good reason.

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